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What necklace length should I be wearing?

Let's talk about necklace chain length, because throughout my experience making and selling jewellery, I've noticed that it can be quite a tricky decision, and sometimes confusing. So if you've ever looked at a product description and wondered what the hell an 18" necklace chain will actually look like when you're wearing it, this is for you.

It probably goes without saying, that if you want a very accurate necklace length, then you can start by measuring your neck. You can do this either with a tape measure (the flexible kind that tailors might use), or with a piece of string. Remember to keep in mind that your neck most likely gets wider towards the bottom, so take into account where you would like the necklace to sit. This is especially important for choosing a choker length.

The next thing to consider is the type of pendant that will be on the chain, or if you plan to wear this chain layered with other necklaces. As a general rule, a dainty or small pendant would want to sit higher up, on a shorter chain, whereas something larger or heavier would be more appropriate on a longer chain, sitting around the sternum.

Once you know roughly where you would like the necklace to sit, you can either use your neck measurement, or a piece of string, to work out the exact length you would like. Or you could check out a necklace length chart, such as the one below, for a rough guide.

A necklace length chart, guide to necklace lengths diagram showing what different necklace lengths look like on a woman.
Necklace Length Chart

Whilst this works as a great guide for a lot people, please bear in mind that lengths will vary depending on body shape and size.

To give you an example, I have a friend who wears a 16" necklace that hangs very similarly to what is shown on this chart. Whereas a 16" necklace length on me is tighter around my neck, not far off of being a choker. I have a larger body type than her, so it should be obvious that this is the case, but sadly necklace charts don't tend to be size inclusive.

So whilst this is a good guide, it is only that, a guide. This is something that I'd love to see change in the future, I think it's important for a plus size necklace chart to exist. But in the meantime, if you are concerned about how a necklace will look on your body type, you can always contact me here. I can absolutely relate to this feeling and may be able to help you find your perfect size.

Below is an image of how a pendant on an 18" chain sits on me. You can see that in comparison to the chart, it looks more comparable to the 16" necklace length. This makes sense when we consider that my friend I mentioned earlier has a neck measurement of about 13", whereas mine is closer to 15".

Crystal moon pendant on 18" chain, being worn by a plus size woman, size inclusive necklace guide
an 18" necklace on a plus size woman

My advice above all else is choose what feels comfortable to you, and go with what you like. We wear jewellery because it makes us feel good, so don't stress too much about the length of your necklace if it feels and looks good to you!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your necklace options.


Cara x

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