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5 Most Requested Healing Crystal Properties

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

One of my favourite things about owning a crystal business is getting to help people. Sometimes this is as simple as swapping a design from silver to gold, or changing the size. But a lot of the time, people come to me with a particular concern that they would like some help with, and we get to chat through which different crystals contain properties that might offer some support.

I've decided to put together a list of the 5 most requested healing crystal properties that my customers have come to me with, and my favourite crystals for providing those properties.

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1. Crystals for anxiety and stress relief

Anxiety and stress are by far the two most common issues that my customers approach me with. I've decided to combine them here, as the desired properties we're looking for in both cases are predominantely around soothing and calming. Anxiety and stress are both symptoms of the third eye chakra being out of balance, so its important to choose crystals that work with the third eye in order to create more balance and provide some relief.

Hand holding up Sodalite bracelets

The best crystal for anxiety relief in my opinion has to be Sodalite. Sodalite is a soothing stone that works with the third eye chakra to create a centredness, which helps to tackle overwhelm and ultimately bring you into a state of calm.

Amethyst sterling silver handmade crystal earrings

And when it comes to stress relief, my recommendation is Amethyst. Amethyst also works with the third eye chakra to balance physical, mental and emotional energies. It is associated with relieving both stress and anxiety.

2. Crystals for Abundance and Manifestation

"Abundance" is a word you've probably come across a lot within the spiritual community, and I often have people approach me to ask which crystals will help bring them abundance or help bring their desires to reality.

It's important to remember that intention is a key player when it comes to attracting abundance into your life. In it's simplest definition, abundance means "a large quantity", so you've got to make sure those intentions are attracting an abundance of the right things towards you. This could be anything, such as success, love, peace, confidence, something material, or, most commonly, money.

Raw Citrine crystal pendant in gold on a peachy pink backdrop

Green Aventurine is the stone of abundance and success. This is a crystal that I have on me almost daily, either in a bracelet or necklace, or in my pocket, and I truly believe it is a powerful attractor of wealth, success and abundance.

Two more crystals that are amazing for attracting abundance and bringing manifestations to fruition are Citrine and Pyrite. Citrine carries the power of the sun, it brings warmth and joy and is a powerhouse for manifestation. Pyrite is associated with wealth and abundance, making this the perfect combo for attracting more of what you desire into your life.

3. Crystals for Motivation and Focus

It seems that more and more people are having issues finding motivation or are struggling to focus, which is no surprise considering the way of the world and all of the pressures that are constantly on us. I have two crystals here that are quite different but are very powerful for addressing both of these concerns.

Carnelian medium sized handmade hoop earrings

My favourite crystal for motivation, without a doubt, is Carnelian. Carnelian is an uplifting, vitality restoring crystal that gives a boost of positive energy. It helps you to trust yourself, which can also be a huge help when it comes to finding motivation. The Sacral Chakra is the centre of motivation and vitality, and Carnelian works to support the sacral chakra and bring it back into alignment.

Rainbow Fluorite chip bracelets on light pink background

When it comes to focus, no crystal is better than Fluorite. Fluorite is also known as the "study buddy". It is perfect for helping with concentration and productivity, helping you to be more efficient and focus on what you're trying to achieve.

4. Crystals for Sleep

Sleep is not just important, it is vital. Poor sleep really affects us day to day and can really take its toll, and is one of those things where both quality and quantity are key, yet so many of us struggle with this.

Howlite chunky bead bracelet on peach background

My favourite crystal for sleep is Howlite. This is a soothing and calming stone, that can be placed on your bedside table or under your pillow, bringing relaxing energy. Howlite is also great for bringing patience and resolving anger.

Hematite dainty bead bracelet on plain background

My next pick is a crystal for warding off nightmares and bad dreams. Hematite is a protective crystal, associated with the root chakra, meaning that it helps to bring a grounded energy. This means that it can keep your consciousness routed in reality while you sleep, reducing dreams and giving you a better quality of sleep.

5. Crystals for Warding off Negativity

The thing about negative energy is that it can gather and multiply until it feels like its all around you and there's no escaping it. When this happens, first point of call is a cleanse, either using a crystals such as Selenite, or smoke cleansing, to get rid of all those negative vibes. And then we can turn to the crystals that will act as a barrier against that negativity energy coming back.

The best crystals for warding off negativity in my opinion are Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz. Both are grounding stones, which keep you centred in reality and protected from overwhelm, and both are protective crystals, providing a barrier against negative energy.

There are many ways you can use Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz. Keeping a piece at the entryway to your home, in the car, in your pocket or bag, or anywhere where you feel you might need it, means that both you and your key places are protected.

Of course it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. My favourite way of keeping crystals on my at all times is with jewellery. Crystal earrings, necklaces, bracelets, the list goes on - I will often choose my jewellery for the day based on the energy I want to feel throughout the day. For instance if I've got a lot to do, I might choose my Carnelian hoop earrings for motivation. Or if I'm going somewhere where there might be a lot of people (such as shopping in a city), I'll choose a Black Tourmaline bracelet, to help ground me and protect me from the torrent of energy from all of those other people.

If there is a particular concern you'd like help with, try searching some key words up in the search box - such as confidence, self love, communication, peace, balance - and see which crystals come up. You might find yourself drawn to something there, and that is a clear sign that this crystal could benefit you. Alternatively, drop me a message via the contact page and let me offer up some suggestions.

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Cara x



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