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A Little Update

The past few weeks have flown. I can't believe we're a week into July already, Summer Solstice has passed and we are on the (eek) downhill to Christmas now. This year has been so strange. It feels as though it's gone both slowly and quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I released my Summer Collection. This is the first collection I've made completely intuitively. I chose crystals I felt drawn to and wrapped them in colours and styles that I felt best suited the crystal. Some of them are in my signature wrapping style and others are completely different. That's the beauty of handmade jewellery I guess; I love that I can just create whatever I'm feeling. I'm so pleased with how they turned out, and they really give off summer vibes.

I've also taken part in a couple of virtual markets over the past two weeks and it has been so much fun. I love browsing the markets and finding other small businesses, but more than anything I love making new connections with you guys and sharing my creations with even more people.

As part of the market with Handmade Hour I did a live make-along and Q&A session. You can find a replay of it here . It was great to chat with everyone and make a couple of pieces designed by the viewers! One of them is still available to purchase, you can find it here.

I announced last month that I'm now making a donation to One Tree Planted for every product sold. This means that for every item you purchase from my website, one tree will be planted. The locations will vary month to month, depending on the seasons and which locations are most in need of the new trees. In June we managed to plant 14 trees in India, which is amazing! Especially considering I only started this campaign halfway through June, I'm really happy with that. Every single tree makes a difference, and so every purchase (no matter how big or small) will make a difference too.

I'm feeling really motivated when it comes to Cara E.J. Designs. Having a part time business alongside a full time job is hard work and really full on, and that's why I've been so on and off with it since I started in 2016. I've got so many ideas for how to move things forward, I've got such an amazing community of people now, and I'm connecting so much more with crystals and spirituality in general. I know that this is the path for me, and now I am taking the steps towards making it my full time reality. This past year it has felt like it's all really clicking into place and I feel as though I can really make Cara E.J. Designs a success.

I've expanded my social channels too! Instagram is where I primarily work, but I've branched out to Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok too! Search caraejdesigns or follow the links below to find me - follows and interactions are always hugely appreciated!

I don't want to ramble too much today. I want to use this blog as a little bit of a diary as well as sharing business updates and useful information, so now and again I will pop on just to share what I've been up to.

Come and say hi on the socials, or let me know in the comments what topics you'd like me to cover on the blog. :)


Cara x

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