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5 Year Super Sale!

This week marks five years since I started Cara E.J. Designs! That time has flown and things have certainly developed, improved and grown since then. My wrapping style and range of products has diversified, I've built an amazing community of customers and friends, I've learned an awful lot, and I've made the move from Etsy to my own store!

To celebrate, there is a huge sale running across the entire website right now! This will be running until 14th May, which I hope gives everyone plenty of opportunity to have a good browse and grab some bargains. As always there is free shipping on all orders over £50!

Everything is discounted, including; handmade crystal necklaces and hoop earrings, celestial jewellery cases, trinket trays, crystal bracelets and keyrings. Some are discounted by up to 50%!

Shop Now! No discount code required.


Cara x

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FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders over £50

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