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3 Reasons Why I'm Passionate About What I Do

Cara E.J. Designs has been in existance for almost seven years! It was a slow start, alongside a full time job that completely sapped me of all energy, but that's a story you can read here. This slow start, and running the business alongside a job, has meant it hasn't always been easy, and it certainly hasn't always been successful. What I want to share today is the reasons that keep me going when all else fails.

Uniqueness is always something I've celebrated, and I've always taken pride in the things that make me different. Those individual quirks and characteristics we have are the things we are remembered for, and they are the marks we leave. That deserves to be celebrated. I always try to find ways to make my work a little different in some way, and I like to think of it as jewellery that is as unique as you are.

Secondly, I just bloody love crystals! But more than that, I also love to help people, and the two can be combined to great benefit. Crystal healing properties can be used to relieve so many struggles, such as confidence, anxiety, sleep, etc, and I love chatting to people about what they might need. I've found such a wonderful community of crystal lovers and the spiritually curious, and the fact that I can use my knowledge and passion for crystals to help those people in some way, that definitely keeps me going.

And last but definitely not least, this is a platform I can use to share my own personal values with the world, and make some changes. I believe that the small changes all add up, and this is why I use my profits to support causes that I believe in. Just one example of this is planting trees for each item sold - this is something I would have no way of doing without your support. Other causes we have contributed to include Stonewall*, FareShare UK, and the George Floyd Memorial Foundation.

If these are things that you believe in too or are keen to learn more about then make sure you follow on socials, sign up to the mailing list, tell your friends... all of this adds up and contributes to me continuing to be able to do something I love and make a difference.


Cara x

* Our donations to Stonewall are ongoing alongside our support of One Tree Planted. 50% of profits from the Align Chakra hoop earrings are donated to Stonewall.



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