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10 Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers and the Spiritually Curious - from as little as £5

It's fast approaching. We all try to prolong it every year and stay in denial for as long as we can, but there's no escaping it. Christmas is coming. Santa is on his way.


I've put together a little collection of gift ideas for the people in your life, whether they are an avid crystal fanatic, a lover of magical things, or just a little intrigued by it all. There is something here for everyone.

A little note before we get into this. We all know as crystal lovers that there are people out there who are sceptical and don't believe that crystals can provide healing energy. But this is no reason not to gift one to them. There are so many other reasons why crystals are fascinating and lovely to have around. The first being how they look - crystals are beautiful! They are so interesting to look at, and that is how a lot of people get into learning more about them. Others find the geology of them interesting, and this I can understand as well. (Just ask me about the time Tom bought a huge Septarian slab for our coffee table and started telling me about mud and clay deposits, aged limestone, and how the Calcite and Aragonite pockets are formed. It really is fascinating.)

But the number one thing to keep in mind is that even if your intended recipient might not be quite so open to the energies of the crystal, they will surely appreciate the symbolism and what it represents, and in turn the thoughtful gesture you have given them.

And on that note...

1. A gift for... Someone you love

Let's start with one of the most commonly found and best known crystals, that is perfect for your nearest and dearest loved ones, from your parents or siblings to your very best friends.

Of course I'm talking about Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love. Rose Quartz is such a powerful healing crystal with lovely gentle energy. It radiates love, it draws love towards you and is a strong attractor of self love.

This can be interpreted in a number of ways. For instance, if you know someone who needs a good dose of self love, Rose Quartz would be a gentle yet powerful boost for them. Or if you want to express how much you adore them, you could give the gift of love by bringing a wonderful healing crystal into their life that will keep those lovely vibes flowing.

Image shows a close up of a wrist wearing four pale pink rose quartz bracelets, with round beads. The size of beads goes from large to small.

Rose Quartz symbolises love in all forms, from a raw piece for your dressing table, or on a necklace to keep with you wherever you go. Whatever form you decide to gift this lovely crystal in, you can be sure that the lucky recipient will be touched by the gesture and know just how much you love them.

Why not treat them to a Rose Quartz bracelet, available in 4 different bead sizes!

2. A gift for... Someone who is always stressed out

Whilst we're talking bracelets, it would be silly of me not to mention that there are tonnes of bracelets available here that have a huge variety of healing properties. So no matter the type of energy you want to give to someone, there is going to be an appropriate bracelet for it. You could try searching by keyword, such as "calm", or "confidence", or just browse through and have a read of the descriptions.

So now that's out there, I'll just bring your attention to a few bracelets that will help to combat one of the biggest problems modern society faces, and that is stress. I've highlighted here a few of my favourite crystals (in bracelet form of course) for helping to cope with stress.

  • Aquamarine (top left) - for calm and peace

  • Black Tourmaline (top middle) - for grounding and warding off negativity

  • Sodalite (top right) - for soothing anxiety

  • Smoky Quartz (bottom left) - for grounding and bringing emotional calm

  • Amethyst (bottom right) - for bringing balance and relieving stress

3. A gift for... Someone who wants to attract abundance wherever they go

Ok this one might seem a bit specific, but stay with me. "Abundance" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, and I think that intention is a key player when it comes to attracting abundance into your life. In it's simplest definition, abundance means "a large quantity", so you've got to make sure those intentions are attracting an abundance of the right things towards you.

Everybody wants to attract more of something, whether its success, love, peace, confidence, something material, or, most commonly, money.

Green Aventurine is the stone of abundance and success. This is a crystal that I have on me almost daily, either in a bracelet or necklace, or in my pocket, and I truly believe it is a powerful attractor of wealth, success and abundance. Other crystals that are powerhouses for manifestation and attracting abundance are Citrine and Pyrite.

I've actually got two gift ideas here for you (you lucky duck), one that makes a lovely stocking filler or secret santa gift, and one that is a little more of an investment for a special someone. These would make amazing gifts for business owners, or those who need a little "luck".

A hand holding up three keyrings. The key chain part is silver, and the crystal attached is a round, flat, teardrop shape, and a mid shade of green. It has the shimmer to it characteristic of green aventurine

First is this Green Aventurine keyring. These keyrings feature polished, flat, tear drop shaped stones, which are really tactile and act as effective worry stones. They are the perfect lucky talisman to carry around wherever you go. And at only £5, they are perfect for gifts on a budget.

A pair of sterling silver hoop earrings held out in a hand. Close to the hoops are some tiny bronze beads made of pyrite, and hanging from the middle of the earrings is a faceted golden teardrop shaped piece of natural citrine. The beads are all faceted, catching and reflecting the light.

The second is the Abundance hoop earrings. Beautiful faceted AAA grade natural Citrine teardrops and sparkly mini Pyrite beads on 24mm sterling silver hoops.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, it brings warmth and joy and is a powerhouse for manifestation. Pyrite is associated with wealth and abundance, making this the perfect combo for attracting more of what you desire into your life.

4. A gift for... a student (or someone who needs help focusing)